A ferryman carries a hooded lady and a child across a seemingly unlimited river.

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A ferryman carries a hooded lady and a child across a seemingly unlimited river.

The sixth card for the pair of Swords is a cards of change. This small Arcana usually shows moving towards something best and a lot more rewarding after shutting a dark or harder chapter.

  • Factor: Air
  • Earth: Mercury
  • Astrology sign: Aquarius
  • Key dates: January 30 to March 8
  • 1 Aesthetic Characteristics and Symbolism
  • 2 The Six of Swords as people
  • 3 The Six of Swords: Positive Meanings
  • 4 Six of Swords Corrected: Unfavorable Significance
  • 5 Some Last, Present and Upcoming
  • 6 Crucial Credit Combos
  • 7 Six of Swords: sure or No concerns

Graphic Areas and Symbolism

No confronts are seen, offering the sense why these numbers has transformed her backs on physical lives they’ve got remaining regarding the banking companies in it. The woman’s curved arms show adversity, whilst young child’s appeal indicates latest origins.

The water on right side on the boat are crude, whilst the water throughout the left are completely calm, symbolizing your ferryman was navigating between comfort and disaster. The graphics conjures upwards visions of Charon, the fabled ferryman of Greek myths assigned with carrying the recently deceased across the lake Styx within the afterlife of Hades.

The six swords inside the watercraft were a buffer and load for the travelers. But they point downwards to display they are not any longer a threat, and that hardship has, usually, started overcome.

The Six of Swords as individuals

If you drew the Six of Swords, this means that you’re an inquisitive and smartly minded individual. You might be consistently looking new approaches to challenge fixing and more often than not succeed at conquering hurdles.

Nevertheless, you may well be also centered on fixing problems any kind of time considering minute observe the larger visualize. You may well be winning the tiny battles that you experienced at the cost of the longer battle.

Remember to keep an introduction to everything at risk as it can induce deeper success in the foreseeable future.

Six of Swords — Dang Pham

The Six of Swords: Positive Significance

Changes is actually unavoidable, plus the Six of Swords heralds impending modification. While change are hardly ever smooth, it is needed for private increases and also to assist form latest contacts to people close to you.

This cards usually does not suggest if modification are the much better or perhaps not, although it does have a tendency to skew towards the positive, particularly when you prepare for next part.

Appreciation and Relationships

If you’re solitary, the Six of Swords is a great indicator that you ought to wait before leaping into a commitment. Bring this time around to access know yourself much better by tackling a new goals or attempting something totally new which you’ve been curious about. These escapades could make you a far better people, and a far better future partner. Appreciate should come for your requirements along your own quest.

For anyone in a partnership, things is about to change the character of your own relationship for any better. An unexpected shock will find you both off-guard, but finally bring the two of connexion you better together.


Changes is originating to your work environment, but the cards alone cannot show whether this changes is positive or adverse. It may signify any such thing from a promotion to losing your task, but neither try certain to give you happiness or unhappiness.

Desired modification with available arms and realize no matter the outcome, better times sit ahead.


The Six of Swords was a card of financial stability. If you’ve been struggling to make ends meet, you should find your situation improving shortly. Whilst you won’t achieve fantastic money, you certainly will see a higher number of stability.

However, the wealthy the Six of Swords may be an extremely terrible card. You’re safe lifestyle is endangered in the near future. End any frivolous paying while focusing on making use of everything you curently have to have by. Probably it’s for you personally to promote a number of the valuables.


Your bodily fitness is during a state or would be shortly. Any slight discomforts should disappear when you’ve already make the effort to improve the specific situation.

Nevertheless, you have been neglecting their spiritual and emotional well-being. Give attention to using additional time on your own to restore focus. Calm contemplation and reflection makes it possible to accomplish stability, and seeking expert guidelines is extremely promoted.

Six of Swords Reversed: Unfavorable Definitions

While a flowing flow can smelling fresh and energetic, stagnant liquid reeks of decay. Whenever corrected, the Six of Swords shows a reluctance to switch.

For best or more serious — probably for even worse — you have dug in your heels and refused to push. You are overlooking clear indications that a better every day life is possible and this is honestly stopping you moving forward.

Enjoy and connections

If you are single, you may be experiencing like enjoy won’t appear your path. You may possibly have also sealed your own cardio off to this possibility to avoid further problems.

But prefer is closer than you might think. Somebody may make an effort to go after a commitment along with you, and you’ll have the need to drive them aside, but this person may just function as the one you’ve become looking forward to. Need caution and faith their intuition, but enable yourself to love once again.

If you should be in a connection, the Six of Swords could signify you’ve preferred to keep with your lover the actual fact that they generate your unsatisfied. Whether it is for financial explanations — or perhaps you’ve got kiddies with each other — you feel jammed with this specific mate. Your own unhappiness wont end, and prolonging a damaging partnership hurts both your self and the ones near you.