Characters / Wotakoi: really love is tough for Otaku.Affectionate Nickname: “Naru” to Hanako.

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Characters / Wotakoi: really love is tough for Otaku.Affectionate Nickname: “Naru” to Hanako.

Figures appearing in Wotakoi: fancy is difficult for Otaku. Watch out for potential spoilers.

The heroine, whoever propose to conceal their otaku hobbies from this lady new officemates backfired easily when the lady childhood buddy Hirotaka outs this lady. They after beginning internet dating. She is a fujoshi who furthermore wants otome games and idols, and she produces and attracts doujinshi both as a spare time activity and also to generate cash on along side it at Comiket.

  • A-Cup Angst: Hanako is stacked. Narumi is not (as an omake page desires to advise you). Hirotaka loves to bring up Narumi’s insufficient possessions, a Berserk option on her which causes their to throttle and swear at him. She also gets envious associated with the busty figurines on Hirotaka’s rack, turning them to deal with the wall structure. One example from some responses to fan pointers has the woman obliterating a table full of requires she develop breasts utilizing one fist.
  • Affectionate Nickname: “Naru” to Hanako.
  • Ambiguously Bi: Narumi definitely loves men—she’s presently internet dating Hirotaka, has actually only had men in earlier times, and is also a Yaoi Fangirl—but there are other than a couple of indications that she locates Hanako attractive, particularly how she frequently in private notes to by herself what size Hanako’s tits become as well as how she almost drools over Hanako’s Hot Witch avatar into the RPG they perform. She also occasionally discusses having “waifus” (a term normally utilized for fictional feminine figures), but it’s never explained exactly what the sexes of the lady “waifus” were.
  • Childhood buddies: She and Hirotaka are elementary and secondary school classmates. When they reconnect, it becomes a Childhood pal Romance.
  • Clingy Jealous female: Downplayed; but Narumi never ever requires they really when she more hears different females name Hirotaka appealing. She and Kabakura furthermore angrily capture down Hirotaka and Hanako’s joking recommendation of changing couples.
  • Cabinet Geek: Before the start of the facts, she hid the woman otaku passions from a lot of people she understood and intended to perform some exact same at the woman brand new tasks, particularly since her earlier date dumped the lady after finding-out she was austrian chat room without registration actually an otaku. Hirotaka outs their very fast, but and she later remarks how nice it really is to discuss her geeky welfare making use of the other main characters.
  • Color-Coded Figures: Pinkish. It is the lady hair colors and it includes in her outfits.
  • Sweet Clumsy lady: She goofs right up a lot whenever first starting the woman new job, for example producing hundreds of bad copies, but she’s believe it or not adorable because of it.
  • Girly Woman with a Tomboy Streak: She wears countless green, loves adorable situations and also for the many role is quite girly, but she will slip into harsher, most masculine address when she’s mad and it is equally keen on shonen manga as this woman is of BL and otome video games. This is exactly best exemplified by the lady MMORPG personality, that is an elf woman dressed in frilly green clothes; Kabakura thinks she ought to be a summoner, but she is actually an assassin since she loves having large approach and rate stats.
  • Possess a sort: Mentions that taller, scary-looking men like Kabakura are often much more this lady type, but she becomes with Hirotaka, who’sn’t like that anyway.
  • Knight Templar your government: While she isn’t related to Naoya, she is however really protective of him. Whenever she thought somebody produced your weep, she got ready to create some serious pain.
  • Oblivious to Love: Her profile shows that the actual fact that she’s had many online dating event, she’s oblivious each time some one is in love along with her. In reality, the underlying theme of their and Hirotaka’s tale is actually how she’s starting to be more aware she actually is beginning to simply take your most seriously as an intimate partner, however still hasn’t totally knew exactly how much Hirotaka undoubtedly adore the lady.
  • Pink indicates Feminine: she’s pinkish tresses and clothing in the tone, corresponding with getting the perky, friendly, girly protagonist.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: Kind and friendly, if quite severe, with peach-colored locks.
  • What Does She read in Him?: Inverted because Hirotaka try the lady nerdy childhood pal and it isn’t traditionally attractive, Narumi has actually a habit of underestimating how many times additional people discover it your attractive. Hanako even exasperatedly tells her that he is capture.
  • Yaoi Fangirl: wants BL and tends to make cash on the medial side writing and drawing doujins. She clearly makes reference to by herself as a fujoshi over and over again.
  • You Gotta Need Azure Tresses: Keeps green locks. Youth flashbacks reveal it really is her natural colors.

Narumi’s childhood buddy and new coworker, exactly who gets the girl date after several after-work taking periods. Hirotaka try a stoic gaming otaku; unlike her, the guy does not make the effort concealing their pastime.

  • Archer Archetype: when you look at the MMORPG the cast performs, Hirotaka’s personality is a cool-headed, high-leveled archer befitting their personality. Views in which he is playing Monster huntsman both in the anime therefore the live-action film show your with the Wepwawet Bow as his weapon of preference as well.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: seemingly produces a fairly woman whenever convinced to cosplay.
  • Wild birds of a Feather: With Kou, whom the guy fulfills and quickly likes as a result of the woman getting quiet, nerdy, and a talented player like your. That is mentioned by Narumi as being unusual for Hirotaka, while he doesn’t frequently watch men and women or bear in mind their particular labels.
  • Buxom is way better: A believer contained in this; his bishoujo figurines are notably busty, much to Narumi’s chagrin.
  • Color-Coded figures: Blue; their tresses and eye tone also their outfits are blue.