We in addition treasured Tasmajdan park, but i’d surely encourage a trip to Ada Ciganlija, especially if youa��re in Belgrade during warmer temperatures

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We in addition treasured Tasmajdan park, but i’d surely encourage a trip to Ada Ciganlija, especially if youa��re in Belgrade during warmer temperatures

Areas to See/Visit

The pedestrian street (Knez Mihailova) arena��t a place I would visit shop or consume since ita��s a large traveler zone; but is quite lively and really worth walking through. Additionally, it guides you to the local fortress and an enormous park (Kalemegdanski). The park also offers some attractive horizon.

We also treasured Tasmajdan park, but I would personally definitely promote a trip to Ada Ciganlija, specifically if youa��re in Belgrade during hotter temperatures.

A call on the Zemun neighborhood is really worth the energy. It once was an absolutely various city and has now a really various characteristics versus the areas of Belgrade.

We didna��t enable it to be, but additional company suggested the art gallery of Yugoslav History/Tito Mausoleum and the Nikola Tesla art gallery. For your second, ensure that you take a look at site your plan of English trips (any time you dona��t talk Serbian). If you look at the art gallery without getting element of a trip, you wona��t have the ability to function most more fascinating displays.

Novi Sad, Serbia

Since we were planning to head to Budapest over land, we chose to drop by the city of Novi Sad for several time since it ended up being in route. Ia��m so glad we did! We preferred Novi down much more than Belgrade! The city have such the ambiance. Ita��s also an extremely bike-friendly area, therefore discover a good amount of anyone benefiting from the selected bicycle lanes all around the city.

We largely loved walking around our very own community, so we performedna��t look at the ancient section which appeared quite lovely considering pictures I saw. But one spot we would strongly recommend seeing is the popular place known as a�?The Stranda�? or maybe just a�?Strand.a�?

The Strand may be the regional coastline located on the Danube lake, and is the location to check out in Novi down. There are lots of tasks for those of every age group. It even has actually moving castles, Zorb liquids balls, volleyball courts, plenty exotic seashore locations, numerous picnic markets, restaurants, beer landscapes, cafes, and so on. Entry try super inexpensive, as well as the vendors we tested all got sensible rates. The meals and products they were offering were exactly the same rates we experienced in other parts of the town.

They have a great public transit program that is much simpler to find out and it is rather low-cost. Addititionally there is a public motorcycle hire system (but you’ll want to get a special card to use it). The town is fairly walkable, and we discover the taxis to get very reasonable also.

In the event that you just have time and energy to see one place in Serbia, both of us will say visit here.

Any time you arrive right here, we highly recommend this Airbnb spot. In my opinion Dusan and his awesome household had been maybe the best offers wea��ve skilled in the last three years of utilizing Airbnb. When we hadna��t currently kepted the place in Budapest, we’da��ve lengthened the stay. Whenever we go back to Novi down, hea��s the #1 go-to host. (And he performedna��t require or promote me personally anything to say this.)

Summary About Serbia

I became really quite astonished by Serbia as well as its cities. We receive plenty of individuals who could communicate at least just a little English, the meals had been great, the individuals friendly, and at least these 2 locations have a very welcoming experience in their eyes. I truly dona��t realize why they dona��t find out more tourist.

Serbia is just really worth seeing, and now we anticipate heading back and discovering more of this beautiful and great nation.

Oh, and in case needed good Wi-fi, rest easy youa��ll getting alright right here.

Are you to Serbia? Which areas are you willing to suggest going to?